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Getting An Adult Dog As A Pet Has Its Advantages

May 14, 2012

There’s a general belief that adopting an adult dog is somehow inferior to buying a puppy. With the dog being in a rescue center and all that, something has to be wrong with him. Since you see that rescue centers find very malnutritioned and abused animals you assume every one of them must be like that.

Lots of things need to happen if you’re to raise a puppy well, things that are already taken care of with an adult dog. However none of the following holds true unless you go to a respectable rescue center.

Puppies are like children, they need your help every step of the way. A dog that grows up in a random home will have random behavior that is incredibly hard to deal with.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying an adult Husky?

The differences are many. In my opinion housebreaking is the most important thing you don’t have to do anymore. If you’ve never housetrained a puppy, take your cue from me. It’s easy once you know what to do, but that cute thing you liked so much when you got him becomes an absolute horror if you don’t know what to do.

Besides, housebreaking a puppy takes a few months at least, and it requires hourly maintenance on your part. If you have that kind of time then you’re one lucky person. Adult dogs need this problem taken care of, especially if they’re in a rescue center, so it’s done for you.

You can ask to see the dog’s papers, this is a good way to make sure he comes from a respectable breeder. And if you think housebreaking is bad wait till you hear about this one – chewing. If you don’t know what that means I commend you for not having to find out.

Chewing seems to be the puppy motto. They chew on everything, even dangerous stuff like electric wires. The worst thing about it is there’s no really efficient way around this. It’s a Hail Mary technique at best, but if you want to go through it, be my guest. It only goes on for so long, and adult dogs are already though with it.

Finally, there’s always a risk that your Husky’s personality will not turn out the way you hoped. With adult dogs you can look for specific personality traits, since their personality is already fully-developed. Better safe than sorry.

There’s much more ground to cover on this, but this is already plenty. Apart from everything else vaccines and socialization are must-haves. One other huge benefit is that adult dogs have at least some form of obedience training. However, all this is true only for well-bred dogs that come from respectable breeders.


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